The Kairos Vision

A Community

Spiritually Freed

From the Effects of Imprisonment

Reaching all Impacted by Incarceration,

Through the Love, Hope, and Faith

 Found in Jesus Christ

Just What is Kairos?
Our History

The first 3-day "short course in Christianity" inside a prison was held at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida, in the fall of 1976.  It was called "Cursillo in Prison".  By 1978, several states were presenting the Cursillo in Prison program in their prisons.  As the ministry grew, Cursillo of Florida asked the group to more closely align the program with inmate needs.  In 1979 "Kairos" which in Greek means "God's Special Time", was born.  Today, this program is referred to as Kairos Inside.

In the late '80s a chaplain at San Quentin Prison sensed that incarcerated Kairos participants were now open to reuniting with their families.  The chaplain asked Kairos to create a program that might minister to the female family members of the incarcerated.  In April 1990, the second of the Kairos programs, Kairos Outside, held their first weekend in northern California.

Kairos Torch, Kairos's third program, held its first weekend program in September 1997 at a youth facility in Oklahoma.  The Torch program is directed toward young people (under 25) who are experiencing incarceration.  With well trained mentor volunteers, Torch encourages the youthful offenders to recognize their God-given potential, and help them to develop skills to lead a productive life and have hope for the future.

Kairos Prison Ministry Today
Our Future.

Today, Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside and Kairos Torch together comprise  Kairos Prison Ministry International.  Kairos is an international ministry with over 36,000 volunteers donating more than three million hours of service every single year!  These volunteers are bringing the love of Christ to more than 400 institutions and fifty-five Kairos Outside ministries in 32 states and 9 countries including Costa Rica, Australia, South Africa, England, Canada, Northern Ireland, Dominican Republic and Peru.